Tourism and Sport Fishing caring the nature

Environmental Care

We encourage tourism and sportfishing as sustainable means. In Yacht El Dorado ee base our job on care and maintenance of the environment and ecosystem of the Paraguay River.

We adhere to environmental protection laws issued by entities such as SEAM (Ministry of Environment) and the laws of use of natural resources shared with neighboring countries.

Fish measurements

There are laws to protect the ecosystem and fish measurements to extract from our waters. The entity that regulates these parameters is the SEAM (Ministry of Environment)
Pseudoplatystoma coruscans Surubí (Pintado) 85 cm 85 cm.
Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum Surubí (Atigrado) 80 cm 80 cm.
Paulicea leuckeni Manguruyú 100 cm 100 cm.
Luciopimelodus Pati Patí 70 cm 65 cm.
Piaractus Mesopotamicus Pacú 45 cm 45 cm.
Leporyinus Boga 45 cm 45 cm.
Plagioscion spp Corvina 30 cm 30 cm.
Prochilodus spp Sábalo o Carimbatá 40 cm 40 cm.
Brycon orbignyanus Salmon del Parana 45 cm 45 cm
Hemisorubim platyrhynchos Tres Puntos 35 cm  
Pterodoras granulosus Armado 40 cm  
Oxydoras kneri Armado Chancho 45 cm  
Pimelodus spp Bagre 20 cm  
Ageneiosus brevifilis Solalinde 35 cm  
Sorubim lima Pico de Pato 35 cm  
Leringichthys labrosus Trompudo o juru pito 25 cm  
Pimelodus maculatus Bagre amarillo 25 cm  

Fishing Calendar

The fishing season allowed by SEAM can be seen from the fishing calendar Click here to download

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